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Tires should not compromise performance, therefore tire suppliers are chosen for each vehicle to develop and tune unique versions of their tire designs to suit the individual performance requirements of each.

The construction and materials of the tire are tuned to optimize the driving dynamics, whilst maintaining good tire life. Testing and development is carried out around the world on a variety of tracks and road surfaces.

The tires interact directly with the safety systems within the vehicle (Antilock Braking System (ABS), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Roll Stability Control, etc) and so exhaustive testing in both laden and unladen condition is undertaken to validate the performance.

Non OE Engineering approved Tires

The OE tires are optimized by considering a very wide variety of performance criteria; however, non OE tires compromise on all round vehicle performance.


  • A tire with a ridged sidewall may improve the "sporty" feel of the car, but the driver would experience increased noise and harshness
  • A tire designed for very high mileage will tend to have less grip, especially in wet conditions
  • It is very unlikely that a tire built to a generic specification for the aftermarket will be able to match the overall driving dynamics of a uniquely tuned OE tire.